If you are interested in capturing one of the available slots in October for the "Branthentic You" Basic Branding Package, there are 3 Available!
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Hey There Busy Lady!
  • Are you working a side hustle, own your own brick & mortar or just starting out on a brand new venture? 
  • Do you have another job, a family and pets vying for your attention every second of the day? 
  • Are you sick of spinning your wheels and working 70 hours a week?
#Bradley511 Workshops were designed JUST FOR YOU! Whether it's learning how to Create Cover Photos that stop the scroll or Designing Printables that provide value to your community, these workshops, both {LIVE} and {REPLAY} mode are the perfect solution to your busy schedule and business needs. Broken down into BITE-SIZE nuggets, 1 hour for 5 days, can have you learning a new skill and elevating your hustle!

Check out the current {LIVE} workshops, listed below FIRST as well as our {REPLAY} courses with group add-ons. They will have you not only learning the must-have skills you have on your to-do list, but they will have you implementing them this week!

#Bradley511 | Pinterest Graphics and Funnels {LIVE}

Pinterest for Small Business is a Must! 
In this #Bradley511 we focus on graphics and funnel strategy. 
  • Course Starts
    Oct. 21st
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"Branthentic You" Basic Branding Package

Looking to set yourself apart from others in your industry? A "Basic Branding" Package is the visual parts of your branding. You know...the FUN parts but more fun because I am doing the work!

#Bradley511 | Creating Perfect Cover Photos {REPLAY}

Facebook Group Add-On | #Bradley511 Cover Photos

Become an Affiliate for Michele M. Bradley

Earn extra $$ while recommending your favorites workshops!

Creating a Dynamic Business Name with Keyword Optimization

Your business name. The "first impression" for your potential customers. This step-by-step process will carry you through the process of creating a name that represents you and the problem you solve for your customers. 

#Bradley511 | Designing Professional Printables {REPLAY}

{REPLAY} course for Creating Professional Printables. Pair with the Facebook Group Add-On to participant in full experience.

Facebook Group Add-On | #Bradley511 Printables

Grab this Group Add-On with the {REPLAY} Printables Course for the whole experience!

Graphic Design Services by the Hour

Monthly Retainer - Graphic Design Services

Strategize With Your Goals

  • Planning
  • Strategy
  • Proactive
Grab this freebie and take the first step to running your business instead of it running you.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Define Your Personal Brand

There are hundred's of people that do what you do and that's why a personal brand is so important. Take the first step to defining your "Branthentic" visual and verbal voice with a 5 question FREE printable. 

Providing Value to Your Ideal Client