#Bradley511 | Crafting a Creative Call to Action {REPLAY} by Michele Bradley
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#Bradley511 | Crafting a Creative Call to Action {REPLAY}

5 Steps to Help Your Social Media Posts gain attention and spark engagement!
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Crafting a Creative Call to Action
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Day 1 -What Defines a Call To Action (CTA)
Grade Yourself!
What Exactly Is a Call To Action (CTA)?
40 mins
Daily Status Report
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Daily Exercise
Day 2 - Goal vs Path | The Approach
It Always Starts With a Goal
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Day 3 - Risk & Reward - The Gamble
What do I mean by Risk vs Reward?
Day 4 - Ask or Instruct | The Expectation
Different Types of CTA's
Day 5 - Grab Their Attention | The Creativity
Getting Creative