Creating a Dynamic Business Name with Keyword Optimization by Michele Bradley

Creating a Dynamic Business Name with Keyword Optimization

A systematic process to choosing a dynamic and memorable business name.


You have a business idea and you need the perfect business name!

But being totally honest, you don't know where to start! 

No worries. I have created a systematic process that will not only walk you through a proven method of creating a business name that:

  1. Speaks to your Target Audience.
  2. Helps solve a problem. 
  3. Speaks to your brand image

But It also helps you overcome the mental block when you get stuck.

This course will include a variety of brainstorming methods that will end with the PERFECT business name. 

What's included?

Video Icon 3 videos File Icon 3 files Text Icon 15 text files


You're In! Let's Get Started!
1 min
Success In No Accident
Section 1 - What's In A Name?
Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy
What's In A Name? The Must-Haves
The Name - More Things to Consider
Section 2 - The Spreadsheet Process
How To Use the Spreadsheet!
5 mins
Dynamic Name Catch All.pdf
1.62 MB
What's in a Word?
Tell Us About Yourself!
Section 3 - Totally Triggered
Paint the Picture
Elevating the Thesaurus with Word Hippo
Abbreviations and Acronyms
The Good Ol' Alphabet
Check Out the Neighborhood!
Section 4 - Let's Get This Party Started!
Bringing It All Together
3 mins
Section 5 - Word After Word
But Wait...There's More!
Create a Portmanteau
Online Tools
Summing It Up
Business Name Checklist.pdf
674 KB
You Are a Rockstar!

Rave Reviews!

I took Michele’s course, Creating a Dynamic Business Name. Her course was user friendly, made sense, and produced a living business document of my perfect branding. Another huge plus is that she is a message away! Thanks Michele!!
Jan Smith